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HMT watch manufacturing Unit was founded in 1961 at Bangalore in collaboration with Citizen Watch Co., Japan. HMT was the first manufacturer of Wrist watches in the country. The first batch of hand wound wrist watches was released by the then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. The most popular mechanical hand wound watch is HMT's 'JANATA' and then followed by other models- Pilot, Sona, Jawan, etc.. HMT made various models - winding, automatic and also Braille wrist watches for both Male and Female. Generally all the models were given Indian names like- Rajiv, Kohinoor, Pilot, Janata etc.. All the models became very popular throughout India and also abroad.  In 1972, HMT expanded it's watch manufacturing capacity with a set up alongside the Bangalore Factory to manufacture Automatic Day Date Watches.

Shakti WD with Transparent Back Cover

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STSS 03 YD with Transparent Back Cover (Auto)


Then after Watch factory III was set up at Srinagar in 1972 with the entire Technical Knowhow from HMT engineers.

In 1975, Watch factory at Bangalore was further expanded to manufacture Main Spring, Hair spring and Shock absorber components. By this, HMT totally acquired the technology of Mechanical Watch making.

Later on HMT set up manufacturing facility to produce 2 million watch components sets at Tumkur and Ranibagh in the year 1978 and 1985 respectively and watches were assembled at various assembly units spread over the country. This was done with the objective of dispersal of Industry and creation of employment besides catering to the demand for the product which got accepted very well in the market. In line with the market trend , Watch factory at Tumkur was partially converted to manufacture Quartz Analog Watches in collaboration with M/S Citizen Watch Co, Japan. To cater to the Niche market, a specialized watch case manufacturing facility was set up at Bangalore in 1983 .The project was implemented with in-house expertise, without any foreign collaboration .

Since 1985 , HMT Watches has been actively involved in making Floral Clocks, Solar Clocks, International Clocks, Master-Slave clocks and Tower Clocks, most popular among them being Garden Clock in Bangalore. 

In the year 2000, HMT Watch Bussiness group was re-structured as HMT Watches Limited (a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of HMT Limited).

HMT Watches, having over 100 million satisfied customers, became a household name in the country.

In September 2014, the Government of India decided to shut down HMT operations in a phased manner. In September 2016, HMT Watches Ltd., and Chinar Watch Ltd. have been shut down.

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