Triple Winding, Quarterly Chiming Wall Clock

Dial- Painted Dial

Dial Dia- 8"

Height- 30.5"

Depth- 8"

2-windows given at left and right side for viewing the movement operation.

Winding- 8Days, Triple Winding.

​Date- @1930

     Double Winding Bim-Bam Wall Clock


Dial- Bright White Printed Paper Dial

Dial Dia- 8"

Height- 23"

Depth- 5.5"

Date- @1930

Founded in 1870 by Arthur Junghans. The first factory trademark was "eagle with Flag" and after 1890 a clock cogwheel fashioned into eight-pointed star became the brand symbol. During 1903 Junghans was the largest clock maker in the world.