John Walker's clock with detachable top portion, which is very convenient for maintenance and repairs. It has long case with front door fitted with transparent glass -which gives a spectacular viewing of it's beautiful long pendulum swing fitted to a solid brass bob. These clocks were very popular and they were mostly used at public places and railway stations world wide. 

A solid brass bezel fitted on a thick wooden ring gives very attractive look. It has two windows on both the sides of the movement to access the pendulum and viewing the movement. Movement and the case both were in very bad condition- the movement was fully restored, the case was repaired and polished giving the clock it's original look. 

It has an attractive large size brass dial with engraved roman figures and a second hand. The dial was re-polished 

Dial- 13.5" Brass Engraved Dial

Overall Height- 60"

Width- 11"

Depth- 10" 

Winding- 8 Days, Key Winding. 

   Long Case Single Weight Driven Wall Clock

John Walker

JOHN WALKER top clock maker founded clock making company in 1830. John Walker's clocks are very popular in Railway Stations and Public places world wide. John Walker is listed as a chronometer maker, and inventor and manufacturer of the crystal cased watch won prize medals in 1862, 1867 & the Railway Guards watch 1875.