About the clock-

This clock is chain winding clock, so no key holes given on the dial. It has 3-weights connected to three different chains. The chain is connected to each weight which loops around the sprocket in the movement and falls down towards the floor of the clock. After every 8-days when the weight gets down at the bottom of the clock it means that this is the time for winding the clock. For winding the chain is pulled straight down and it’s corresponding weight will rise to the top of the clock. Each weight reaches the top of the clock so they may travel back down running the clock for another week.

While standing in front of this grandfather clock-
1) Right weight is for the chime melody
2) Centre weight is to drive the movement / pendulum
3) Left weight powers the hour strike
The weights filled with cast iron covered with brass casing and are very heavy. Each weighs differently
for the job at task. To avoid mixing up the weights they are usually labelled under the bottom ‘R’-Right side, ‘L’-Left side and ‘C’-centre. A gong is fitted behind the movement having 4-tuned rods on it’s right and left sides. The right side rods are for the quarter chime and the left for hour strike. The Right Side weight is the heaviest because it needs more power to run all 4-chime hammers. The Left side for the hour strike, in which all four hammer strikes at the same time to sound loud.  

     Triple Weight Driven, Quarter Chiming Grandfather Clock


ISGUS​ trade mark was registered in 1915 by the clock maker Jacob Schlenker-Grusen in Schwenningen (Black Forest) Germnay. 

Made by Jacob Schlenker- Grusen in Schwenningen (Black Forest) Germany. 

Dial-  Engraved Brass Dial

Dial Dia- 10"

Height- 86"

Width- 18"

Depth- 9"

Winding- 8 Days, Chain Winding.

​Chiming- Every quarter it plays short tune, similar to Westminster chime  

Date- @1915-20