F.W.Elliott Wall Clock fitted with single chain fusee movement which was fully restored. The wooden case was re-polished. The dial is original which was polished and restored.  A window is given on it's right side to view the movement and one at the bottom to access the pendulum.
Dial- 12" Brass Engraved Dial, Height 24", Depth 7" 
Winding- 8Days, Single Winding. 


During 1865-1904,  James Jones Elliott was very famous for making quality clocks. In the beginning J.J.Elliott was specialized in making pinions and balance shafts. He then progressed to making and patenting a weight driven movement which had chimes on tubes. From 1904 till 1944 J.J.Elliott's son Frank Westcombe Elliott joined him in clock making business, during that time he formed F.W.Elliott Ltd.

     Single Fusee Chain Wall Clock