Chelsea Clock Company was founded in 1907. The Company manufactured superior quality of clocks for long period of time. They were particularly known for their good quality Willard-Style Banjo Clocks and also more known for their Marine Clocks which they continue to manufacture to the present. 

This clock is a Ship's Clock housed in a heavy brass casing with 1" thick bezel.

Dial - Steel

Dial Diameter- 5.25"

Bezel Outer Dia- 7.25"

Depth- 3.5"

Winding - 15 days double winding.  


​​​This is a ship Clock in heavy brass casing with 1" thick bezel having second hand. It was procured from a Ship Breaking Yard, from 'Lykes Lines' Vessel. The name 'Lykes Lines' is written on the dial. 


Dial - Steel

Winding - 15 days single winding.


    Chelsea Double Winding Striking Ship Wall Clock  (also known as Ship Bell -8 bell)


​   Chelsea Single Winding Ship Wall Clock