Gold Plated Dial- Before and After Restoration

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Total 3-Clocks were procured from Junagadh [State-Gujarat] India.

One Master Clock and two Slave Clocks. These Clocks were initially made on order for a Royal Family of Sorath Region [Sorath Sarkar], after then the entire lot of Clocks were sold to a scrap dealer in @2006-07, from whom finally it was procured in Feb 2013.

The Master Clock- It is very unique piece of clock 86 inches [7'.3"] tall. The look is very different than other Brillie Clocks because usually it found housed in Wall Mount Case with long or short case design whereas, this one is floor mount. The movement is assembled on a 30mm thick white marble slab which is 53" long and 12" wide. This heavy marble slab is fitted on 2-hinges mounted at both the sides. It's pendulum is 46" long, weighing 10kg. The Bob is solid brass having 4.5" diameter. The Dial is gold plated with embossed figures having thick hands and it also has a second hand. 'Eastern Watch Coy., Bombay' (they were dealers for Brillie Clocks in those days) is embossed on the dial. The bottom base measuring L24" x W12" x H15" is supposed to keep batteries for Master and Slave Clocks. The main top portion clock case measures L20" x W12" x H67" which is separately mounted on the base table with 4- bolts. 

The Slave Clocks-  Out of two slave clocks one is floor mount tall and the second one is square wall mount clock. 

 Brillie- Master Clock

At the bottom of the case 2-big size heavy  duty  relays are mounted, may be used to  switch 'on'  and 'off' some other electric device  or may be  for giving pulse to the  other 2-slave  clocks every half minute. 

The 7feet tall Slave Clock was fully restored- It also has the same DOM engraved on it's smoky glass. The dial is very impressive gold plated with full of engravings- a bird engraved and written 'Tempus Fugit' -Latin expression meaning 'time flies'.

All 3-Brillie Clocks fully restored 1-Master & 2-Slave Clocks

The front door is covered with smoky glass engraved 'DEO OPTIMO MAXIMO' [Latin phrase often abbreviated as DOM -means 'To The Best And Greatest God' ]

The critical characteristic of this clock is the contact that switches ON the current needed to maintain the pendulum in oscillation. In most of the clocks the contact closes and impulse is given at every oscillation and the pawl fixed to the pendulum drives the wheel train. The index wheel is rotated one tooth at a time by pawl on the pendulum- i.e. one tooth per second and the sprung contacts besides the index wheel are closed by the passing of the teeth on each right-to-left swing of the pendulum, thereby giving impulse via electromagnet. A second set of contacts within the top part of the movement switches the current from a seperate battery to the slave

Slave Movement 

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Master Clock Movement

There is no make/ type mentioned on  the movement. Only number 'F586'  found on a small brass strip plate bolted on the movement mounting stand 

Master Brillie Clock, Fully Restored - Before and After 

  Brillie Master And Slave Clocks, FRANCE

At the bottom of the wooden case a symbol of the Royal Family is engraved in Brass Plate- 'Sorath Sarkar' which means King of Sorath Region. 


Slave Clock 1

Slave Clock 2