Octagon Drop Dial Wall Clock with date. Also known as Ansonia 'Calendar Clock' 

The Date is printed on the outer periphery of the dial. The Red pointer moves every 24-hours showing the date. 

   Drop Dial Short, Double Winding Wtriking Wall Clock (Calendar Clock)- 

Dial- Brass Painted Dial   
Diameter- 7.5" 
Height- 25" 
Depth- 6" 
Winding- 8 days, triple winding
Date- @1930


Dial- Printed paper dial  
Diameter- 12" 
Height- 24" 
Depth- 4.5" 
Winding- 8 days, double winding
Date- @1910

Ansonia Clock Company was founded in 1850, during 1854 the company was burned. After that they again started making clocks under the name of "Ansonia Brass Company" and “Ansonia Brass & Battery Company”. Finally in the year 1877 the company was reformed in Brooklyn keeping same name “Ansonia Clock Company” The Company was well known for their Iron cased Clocks in those days.  During 1929 some Russian buyer bought the Ansonia factory…..  

The Clock looks very unique as the top is round and the door is very nicely engraved. The Glass is also engraved. The Pendulum is a typical designed one which we usually see in most of the Ansonia Clocks having silver look with design on the top.


    Round Top, Double Winding Striking Wall Clock- 

   Triple Winding, Quarterly Chiming Wall Clock- 

 Dial- Painted bright white dial 
 Diameter- 7.5" 
 Height- 20" 
 Width- 11" 
 Depth- 4.5" 
 Winding- 8days, double winding
 Date- @1910

​​​​​​The Clock has a gong with 4-tuned rods on each side. The left side key winding is for the hour strike, middle is for the clock movement/pendulum and the right side is for chime melody.